Community Education and Information Dissemination

Diverse family speaking with doctor

The USC UCEDD offers a wide variety of community education opportunities, in partnership with other local, state and national agencies and organizations. We disseminate information on best practices and emerging issues that impact people with disabilities and their families to other UCEDDs nationwide, as well as to local and state agencies, policy-makers, service providers, families, community organizations, researchers, universities and other training programs. 


Professional Training 

Instructional program offered by the UCEDD that is designed to advance an individual’s academic or professional credentials and takes place in an academic setting or program.


Continuing Education

Seminar(s) or courses of instruction offered by a UCEDD that: (1) serve to maintain professional credentials; (2) encourage professionals to expand their knowledge base and stay up-to-date on new developments; and (3) offer certificates of completion or CEUs (or their equivalents).



Technical Assistance


USC UCEDD interdisciplinary faculty and staff provide technical assistance at the local, state, regional and national levels to build the capacity of organizations and entities to better serve individuals with or at risk for DD, especially those who are underserved.  Expected outcomes of our technical assistance efforts include but are not limited to:
Strengthening the voice of underserved communities in policy and advocacy
Assisting community-based organizations to seek and successfully obtain funding for work done on behalf of targeted populations
Developing culturally-responsive systems of service delivery
Building the capacity of systems of service to meet emerging needs, such as early identification and referral for treatment of specific disabilities, and addressing racial disparities in services
Agency specific adoption of evidence based practices
Increasing  parent-professional partnerships at all levels of service delivery and policy-making and to bring recognition to the value of collaboration with parents and other family members
 First Connections: Developmental Screening and Linkage in Underserved Communities, Technical Assistance grant in partnership with First 5 LA
Early Head Start/Head Start: Classroom observation, consultation & technical assistance


Olga Solomon, PhD, Director of Community Education, Information Dissemination and Technical Assistance

Wesley Witherspoon, USC UCEDD Consumer Advocate